Bargaining for the Common Good 

PGCEA is negotiating a new contract with the Prince George’s County Public School System.

Under our “Bargaining for the Common Good” model, we are working with students, parents, educators and other community activists to advocate on behalf of quality public schools for all our students.

In addition to fair compensation for highly-trained educators, we will be tackling important issues like smaller class sizes; the kind and amount of testing; and a healthy, safe and secure learning environment for students and educators.

Click here to view the PGCEA- PGCPS Tentative Agreement FY20-22


Negotiation Proposals 

Proposals will be updated after presented to the Board of Education.

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Negotiations Update- April 10, 2019 

On Wednesday, April 10, nearly 150 educators, parent, and community members gathered for PGCEA’s most recent round of bargaining with PGCPS. We presented proposals on the final two planks outlined in our “Bargaining for the Public Good” platform proposals:

  1. Restorative Practices
  2. Professional Autonomy and Voice

Bargaining for the Common Good” to get the schools we ALL deserve.

Prince George’s County educators, parents, students, and community members are working to move our schools from good to great.

Negotiations Update- March 20, 2019

The negotiations team for Prince George’s County Educators met for an open bargaining session to negotiate the upcoming teacher/educator contracts. These bargaining sessions are open to the public so that educators, parents and the community can see the full negotiation process.

Negotiations Update- February 13, 2019 

PGCEA is standing up for smaller class sizes.  We believe our children learn better in classes that are not overcrowded.  Watch and share our latest Bargaining for the Common Good video on this important issue and get involved!

Negotiations Update- February 6, 2019

Bargaining for the Common Good: Evaluating Teachers. The next session is set for February 6th at PGCEA. We will be presenting our proposals on Evaluation, Sensible Workload and Less Testing & More Learning. If you are interested in attending to observe click here. Some sessions will be held around the county to provide for member and community attendance. Look for a session near you and communications as an update will go out after each session. Each school via Association Representative and Contract Action Team (CAT) will have communication and as needed action task.


Join us and stand with PGCEA  during our bargaining process. We can use your support as we build the schools Prince George’s County deserves. Become apart of our Bargaining for the Common Good movement.

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View our Bargaining for the Common Good platform.

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View our Bargaining for the Common Good platform in Spanish.

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PGCEA Teacher townhall photo

Bargaining for the Common Good, Compensation Restoration Taskforce and the March for Our Children— Why Does It Matter To Me?

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