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Faculty Advisory Council (FAC)

The Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) is a contractually-mandated, school-based committee which serves to voice concerns of the Unit 1 members to the Principal. The FAC acts as an interface between Unit 1 members and the Principal to address issues of concern to the school community as a whole. The purpose of the FAC is to provide the teachers with a vehicle in which they may discuss:

  • school operating procedures
  • curriculum development
  • scheduling of meetings
  • instructional programs
  • budget requests
  • other areas of professional concern

The role of the FAC is to relay the legitimate concerns of Unit 1 members and to offer solutions to problems as they arise in a reasoned and non-adversarial manner. Meetings take place at the building or site level.

Regardless of the size of the work site, the FAC shall have an absolute minimum of four (4) members, at the rate of one for every ten (10) Unit 1 members or portion thereof.

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