Note: The regular meeting of the Representative Council occurs traditionally on the fourth Monday of the month. If schools are closed due to an emergency, the meeting is postponed for forty-eight (48) hours. The regular meeting will begin at 4:45 P.M. and end by 6:45 P.M. Suspension of the Standing Rules to continue the meeting beyond 6:45 P.M. requires a majority vote of the Council.

 The Association Representatives – Represent the site/interests of the members at their location at the monthly PGCEA Representative Council meetings. Association Representatives are the key decision-makers and policy setting body of the local affiliate. The Association Representatives are elected by the faculty – Each site is entitled to one (1) representative for every twenty-five (25) members or fraction thereof. (For example, if your site has twenty-six (26) members the site is entitled to two (2) representatives.) If your school has more than one Association Representative, a chairperson shall be designated by the school delegation (election). (For more detailed information see the attached Association Representative Responsibilities) Generally, the Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) Chair also serves as the Faculty Representative Chair.