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Engaging in the political process helps ensure that elected officials will be accessible to us and give us every opportunity to present our perspective on the issues. Our recommendation process is designed to identify candidates who are authentically supportive of public education and educators. Thus, it is much more likely that they will vote to support education as a matter of personal values.

PGCEA Endorsement Process

During election season PGCEA is very involved in the races for the Board of Education, County Council, County Executive, Comptroller and Governor, as well as municipal races. The PGCEA Endorsement Committee oversees the endorsement process. The committee’s goal is to ensure candidates who have the best comprehensive vision and plan for improving PGCPS are put in a position to be successful.

Candidate Questionnaires

PGCEA sends an endorsement questionnaire to all candidates who file for election to express their views on issues significant to the work of educators. The questionnaire is made available to the PGCEA Endorsement Committee.

Candidate Interviews

After a candidates questionnaire is received an interview is set up with the PGCEA Endorsement Committee. Interviews are conducted by rank and file teachers using a uniform set of questions all candidates answer.

Candidate Endorsement

The PGCEA Endorsement Committee uses the  questionnaires and the interviews to determine which candidates best align with PGCEA’s values. They recommend a candidate to the Board of Directors and the Representative Council for an endorsement vote.

What does an endorsement by PGCEA mean?

  • Endorsed candidates appear on the MD Apple Ballot
  • Communications to our members will prioritize our endorsed candidates and their events
  • Endorsed campaigns are welcomed at our meetings to recruit and signup volunteers

What will constitute an endorsement?

  • After completing the PGCEA Endorsement Questionnaire and an in-person interview the PGCEA Endorsement Committee votes to recommend a candidate. Only candidates voted on by the committee can be endorsed by PGCEA.
  • The candidates who align most with PGCEA values will receive an endorsement. The recommendations of the endorsement committee are presented and voted on by the Board of Directors and the associations Representative Council.
  • The official endorsement of the body will be made public and shared with endorsed candidates.

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