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PGCEA Endorsement Process

During election season PGCEA is very involved in the races for the Board of Education, county executive, governor’s race, comptroller and county council as well as municipal races. All filed candidates will receive our endorsement questionnaire which begins the process to seek a PGCEA endorsement. Our goal is to ensure that the candidates who have the best comprehensive vision and plan for improving PGCPS are put in a position to be successful.

What does an endorsement by PGCEA mean?

  • Endorsed candidates receive a special designation in our forthcoming voter guide
  • Communications to our members will prioritize our endorsed candidates & their events
  • Endorsed campaigns are welcomed at our meetings to recruit and signup volunteers

What will constitute an endorsement?

  • Votes by members who are a part of the endorsement committee, in conjunction with an evaluation through completion of the PGCEA Endorsement Questionnaire and an in-person interview. 
  • The candidates who align most with PGCEA values will receive an endorsement. The recommendations of the endorsement committee are presented and voted on by the Board of Directors and the associations Representative Council.
  • The official endorsement of the body will be made public and shared with endorsed candidates.

How were candidates evaluated?

PGCEA Endorsement Committee and members have voted to establish a set of values that informed the creation of our questionnaire and guide the in-person interview process. A team of member volunteers from PGCEA will compare the candidates’ stances on these key issues to our vision and values to be ranked and scored.

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