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Political Action


Decisions about schools and what’s best for students should be made by the educators who know them best. PGCEA fights to make sure that educators have a seat at the table and a voice in the policies that impact our students and our professions. From fighting for more equitable funding at the state level to advocating for strong contracts and adequate funding at the local level, your union has your back.

Protecting Your Interests

Whether it’s through legislation to make sure educators have a voice in reducing mandated standardized testing or getting the voice of a Prince Georges County educator on the important Blueprint Accountability and Implementation Board (AIB), PGCEA advocates for educators to have a strong role in creating policies to help our students and profession. Educators deserve autonomy and a voice in shaping and improving the profession we love.

More Than Elections

Political action is not only about elections. All year, educators need to be involved in the political process to advocate for the best interests of our schools, our students, and our members. Whether it’s lobbying for increased school funding or just generally educating elected officials about public education needs, political action is an ongoing process. Get updated information about the work of the Maryland General Assembly while it’s in session each year. This site allows you to find and contact your legislator and track the progress of specific bills.

Contact Your Elected Officials

Elections are vital to the work of educators and have an impact on schools and students. As a progressive union, the teachers of PGCEA believe many factors impact the lives of the children we teach every day. We believe it is our responsibility to advocate for our schools and our profession by engaging in the political process. In doing so, we make a positive impact on our community and our schools. Committee information, hearing schedules, and other information about the General Assembly may be found on the following sites:

Register to Vote

If you are new to the area or are not yet registered to vote, go to register today!

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