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PGCEA 2024 Endorsements

Board of Education District 1

Dr. Tiffini Andorful

A native of Washington, DC, and a graduate of Prince George’s County Public Schools, Tiffini has dedicated her career to advancing educational equity and fostering collaboration through inclusive coalition-building efforts. Tiffini’s professional journey has seen her assume leadership roles in K-12 education across both private and nonprofit sectors. Her expertise spans research, community engagement, coalition-building, and strategic partnerships aimed at improving educational outcomes from secondary to post-secondary levels.

As a candidate for the Prince George’s County School Board, Tiffini is committed to listening to the community and developing solutions that prioritize the needs of all students. Her dedication to the district is personal, with her own son currently enrolled in Prince George’s County Public Schools. She attributes her successes to the foundation laid by the school system and is determined to ensure the same opportunities for future generations.

Board of Education District 4

Shayla Adams-Stafford

Shayla Stafford is an Educator and Mom who has served as a history teacher, an instructional coach, and for the last four years a member of the Prince George’s County Board of Education representing District 4. Shayla is a National Board Certified Teacher and has been recognized by the White House for her achievements in Project-Based Learning. 

Shayla is the CEO and founder of RemixEducation, an education training organization that has provided more than 150 students in Maryland, North Carolina, Georgia, and Washington, D.C. with positive youth development programming.

Board of Education District 5

Robin Brown

Robin is an advocate for higher learning and education. Ms. Brown has several years of dedication to the Prince George’s County Public School and will bring a fresh parent perspective to the Board of Education in District 5. In addition to her familial line of educators, she too has experience in education, having been an active member in the PTA for PGCPS, and supported schools as a substitute teacher.

She desires to improve policy to ensure the growth and safety of our students, teachers, faculty and staff.  She is also optimistic in our children reaching their maximum potential so they can be ready to contribute to their community and world. Robin is passionate about helping others to manifest positive change. She desires to improve the county’s equity and integrity in our children’s education.

Iyamide House

Iyamide is a business owner, licensed mental health clinician, community advocate, and mother of three. Se started her career with an education nonprofit that provided behavioral support to public middle schools in Ward 7 and 8 in Washington DC. There, she created and implemented a Positive Behavior Intervention and Support program and supervised the implementation of high-fidelity School Wrap-Around programs.

Board of Education District 7

Dr. Kenneth Harris II

Kenneth, a native of Prince George’s County and father of two, is a graduate of the Prince George’s County Public School Science and Technology Program. Serving as District 7’s representative on the Board of Education for four years, he has pioneered STEAM programs, promoted parental engagement, championed the expansion of mental health services, and overseen successful capital budget management resulting in the completion of six P3 schools. Kenneth has chaired two committees on the Board of Education: Operations, Budget & Fiscal Affairs (OBFA), and the Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP).

Beyond his board duties, Kenneth is a globally recognized Engineer & Project Leader by Forbes Magazine, USA Today, and the Project Management Institute. With over 16+ years of experience, he currently leads missions for the Department of Defense, NASA, and other organizations, overseeing project life cycles, integrating rocket systems, and developing strategies to combat cybersecurity threats.

In 2023, Kenneth helped initiate the “PMI Chapter Student Clubs” program, fostering connections between industry professionals and local universities worldwide to cultivate the next generation of Project Managers, particularly from underrepresented groups. This initiative has impacted over 1600 students across Singapore, Kenya, Mumbai, Melbourne, and parts of North America.

Dr. Phelton Moss

Phelton is Acting Director of the Education Policy & Leadership Masters Program, a Senior Professorial Lecturer of Education Policy & Leadership, and an Inclusive Pedagogy Fellow at the Center for Teaching, Research, and Learning at American University. Additionally, he is a Fellow in the Center for Education Innovation & Research at the National Association for the Advancement of Colored Fellow (NAACP).

He has over ten years of experience working in education and education policy as an English teacher, policymaker, and principal. Most notably, he led the design and launch of the nation’s first state-run teacher residency program with a $4.5M Kellogg Foundation Grant to address the state’s teacher shortage and increase the diversity of the educator workforce in Mississippi.

Dr. Moss is a dedicated advocate for education, currently serving as  professor of Education Policy at American University, he is ready to take on a new challenge as he runs for the Prince George’s County School Board in District 07, Maryland.

Board of Education District 8

Zakyia Goins-McCants

Zakyia Goins-McCants is a lifelong educator and former PGCPS teacher running for the Prince George’s County Public School Board representing District 8. Her focuses include Equitable Funding, Training & Support for Educators, comprehensive Social Emotional Learning, Targeted support for English Language Learners and special education students, and Data-Driven Decision Making.

In Prince George’s County, she served as a Crisis Intervention Resource
Teacher and PBIS Coach for 4 years at Crossland High School. In her current role, Zakyia analyzes large data sets and coaches school leaders on how to use data to drive leadership and instructional decisions to improve student outcomes. This educational journey, along with her
experiences as both a student (Allenwood Elementary and Thurgood Marshall Marshall) and teacher in District 8 schools, allows Zakyia to bring a unique perspective and skillset to the PGCPS Board.

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