Prince George’s County Educators’ Association and Baltimore Teachers Union Condemn Governor Hogan’s


For Immediate Release: August 27, 2019

Contact: Joshua Harris [email protected]

Candance Greene [email protected]

Prince George’s County Educators’ Association and Baltimore Teachers Union Condemn Governor Hogan’s Neglect to Fund Quality Education Maryland’s Children Deserve

Prince George’s County, MD: Prince George’s County Educators’ Association (PGCEA) and the Baltimore Teachers Union (BTU) are gravely disappointed in the lackluster job of Governor Larry Hogan and his administration in ensuring Maryland’s students and schools receive the necessary resources to have the best possible public education, as the Maryland constitution mandates. Our schools in both Prince George’s County and Baltimore City are underfunded by billions annually and half of educators are working second jobs just to make ends meet, there’s more to be done. Passing a new school funding formula during the 2020 legislative session is the key to making sure that there is lasting educational equity and economic prosperity in our state.

This past week at the Maryland Association of Counties convention, Governor Hogan stated that he opposes tax increases to fund the Kirwin Commission’s education plan. What he did not say is that those tax increases do not have to impact the majority of Marylanders and that education can be financed by generating revenues like eliminating corporate tax loopholes. PGCEA and BTU strongly disagree with the position because truly providing quality education in our state will require appropriate funding and backing from the government. Maryland has a clear blueprint to move our schools from mediocre to excellent and the plan is making real positive changes to our schools – including increasing mental health and special education funding, boosting educator pay, and expanding pre-k and community schools across the state. Presidents of PGCEA and BTU released the below statements.

“Governor Hogan’s statements takes several steps backward and his inaction is representative of a clear violation of the Maryland State Constitution which mandates providing a quality public education to all of our children,” said Theresa Mitchell Dudley, PGCEA president. “The children of Prince George’s County and Baltimore City are also children of Maryland and deserve the best possible public education. We will no longer be put against each other for something that all of our children deserve.”

“Our children can no longer afford to wait on an administration that has consistently shown that they value corporations over Maryland’s children,” said Diamonté Brown, President of the BTU. “Our funding is regressive. The Education Law Center gave Maryland a grade of “F” for its funding effort. High poverty districts receive $800 less per pupil than wealthier districts, and the state’s own consultants said Baltimore City Schools are underfunded by $342 million dollars and Prince George’s Schools are underfunded by over $500 million dollars every year!” 

“Time is up for excuses for why we can’t make an equitable investment in all of our children. Governor Hogan must step up to the plate and do what’s right for our children and the future of Maryland.”

To request an interview with PGCEA President Theresa Dudley, contact Joshua Harris at [email protected]. To request an interview with BTU President Diamonté Brown, contact Candance Greene at [email protected].


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