For Immediate Release: June 14, 2019

ICYMI: 70 Educators Join Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools Civic Academy On Community Schools 

With 45 Community Schools Planned to Roll Out in Prince George’s County, PGCEA Partnered With Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools to Prepare Teachers and Community For Changes

In preparation for what is being said is the largest strategic change within PGCPS, nearly 50 community schools are slated to roll out next year across the county. Prince George’s County Educators’ Association (PGCEA) partnered with the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools Prince George’s County to organize 70 Prince George’s County teachers, staff and parents for a Civic Academy Training on Community Schools. The Training, held at Cora L. Rice Elementary School yesterday, was meant to be an introduction to what the community school model is and how it will impact schools and communities within the county.


Educators from Prince George’s County receive their first introduction to what community schools will look like in the county. 


PGCEA President Theresa Mitchell Dudley speaks about the Six Pillars of Community Schools

“We know that each community is unique and has unique needs and that is what the community school model is meant to address. We have worked on this for nearly two years and are proud to roll out the Six Pillars of Community Schools, which include culturally relevant curriculums, multi-tier support and ensures that the community is extensively involved and partnering with our schools.” 



A Baltimore City community school coordinator presents on what to expect and what coordinators should look for in community partnerships. 

The civic academy was the first of many to be held across the county in preparation for the community schools roll out next school year.

If you would like to receive more information or to request an interview with PGCEA President Theresa Mitchell Dudley, contact Joshua Harris  [email protected]