Nominations, Elections and Credentials Commission (NECC)


PGCEA’s governance structure is similar to the state (MSEA) and national (NEA) affiliates.  Each organization conducts its own election.  The PGCEA Nominations, Elections and Credentials Commission (NECC)  holds general elections annually in which the members choose their board officers, directors, delegates and union policies.

See PGCEA By-Laws, Policy Handbook and Fair Campaign Practice Code for details.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS (BOD) is composed of three elected officers (president, vice president, and treasurer) plus eight at-large members.


The board is responsible for the fiscal affairs and general management of the Association, the interpretation of policies, the preparation of the proposed budget, and much more. The PGCEA Board of Directors sets the course for PGCEA and decides how to use its staff and resources.

MSEA and NEA DELEGATES represent PGCEA’s interests at the annual state (MSEA) and national (NEA) Representative Assemblies. There are three types of delegates; two are elected in the PGCEA general election:



PGCEA (March) PGCEA MSEA Delegates discuss and vote on proposed bylaw amendments, new business items, and resolutions for MSEA.
PGCEA (March) PGCEA NEA Delegates adopt the strategic plan and budget, resolutions, the legislative program, and other policies of NEA.
MSEA (February) MSEA Delegates to the NEA Representative Assembly and Convention (70 electeds) elect the executive officers, Executive Committee members, and at-large members of the NEA Board of  Directors, as appropriate.


BY-LAWS The PGCEA By-Laws are the governing documents of the Association. They may only be changed once a year by a super majority of 66% of those casting a ballot.



PGCEA, MSEA, and NEA collectively advocate for educators employed by the public school system.  They are the educators’ protector in employment related matters, wage and benefits watchdogs, and organizers who fight for fair funding. PGCEA is one of the top twenty largest locals in the country and the second largest in Maryland. Unified PGCEA members have a powerful voice throughout the organization.  This begins with members choosing colleagues to govern and represent the interests of the union at the county, state, and national levels.




Duties And Responsibilities

  1. Plan and conduct elections.
  2. Certify attendance at Representative Council meetings.