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PGCEA Grading Policy Statement

On Thursday, June 22, 2017, the Prince George’s County House Delegation submitted a formal request to the Maryland State Department of Education to perform an audit that would investigate charges challenging the integrity of grade changes. This was in response to a letter from four of the fourteen School Board members alleging “the altering of student credits counts, and changing school grades in order to fraudulently boost the high school graduation rates from school year 2014 to present.”

Union Summer 2017

PGCEA is hiring 25 member organizers for an organizing training and field experience aimed at building our Union’s power. PGCEA will train, coach, and support field organizers. Field organizers will talk to non-members and newly hired potential members to talk about the Union and build membership and power. Field Organizers will need to interview for

March to Protect Our Schools

On March 13, 2017, PGCEA Educators along with Maryland Educators march in Annapolis to meet Delegates and Senators asking them to Protect Our Schools! #protectmdschools #standardizedtesting