PGCEA is an advocacy organization that actively represents classroom teachers and other instructional personnel for the purpose of negotiations over wages, terms, and conditions of employment. PGCEA supports quality schools through its bargaining efforts to retain and attract teachers of excellence and promoting the opportunity for all students to learn.

PGCEA works when you and your colleagues get involved. Our effectiveness as a democratic organization increases as our members' involvement increases. Association Representative(Rep Council) is the elected body of association representatives that meet monthly to discuss issues and make policy. Any PGCEA member may attend these meetings which are held the fourth Monday of each month.

The Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) provides the teachers with a vehicle in which they may discuss school operating procedures, scheduling of the meetings, instructional programs, budget requests, and any other areas of professional concern. The FAC consists of the Head PGCEA Faculty Representative who acts as the chair and a group of unit members elected by the faculty at the rate of one for every ten unit members or portion thereof. There should be no fewer than five members of the FAC.

PGCEA Board of Directors is made up of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and eight directors. All are elected at large by the membership. The Board of Directors prepares the budget, formulates priorities and goals and develops programs and activities. However, PGCEA policy is set up by the Rep Council. PGCEA's president receives a paid leave of absence allowing him or her to direct the organization full time. We also have a staff of six professionals and six support personnel.

PGCEA is affiliated with the Maryland State Education Association (MSEA) and the National Education Association (NEA). Their structure is similar to PGCEA except for their equivalent of PGCEA Representative Council meetings are held annually. PGCEA members are elected by their colleagues each year to attend these decision-making conventions.

The day to day operations of PGCEA is carried out by an Executive Director appointed by the Board of Directors. This Executive is assisted by a staff appointed by him with the advice and consent of the Board of Directors.The current staff consists of an elected President, the Executive Director, a Director of Administration, an Executive Administrative Assistant, an Accountant, an Administrative Assistant, a Sick Leave Bank Coordinator, one PGCEA UniServ Director, four MSEA UniServ Directors, 1 MSEA Client Support Representative and Maintenance Manager.