The Association Representatives
Represent the site/interests of the members at their location at the monthly PGCEA Representative Council meetings. Association Representatives are the key decision-makers and policy setting body of the local affiliate. The Association Representatives are elected by the faculty – Each site is entitled to one (1) representative for every twenty-five (25) members or fraction thereof. (For example, if your site has twenty-six (26) members the site is entitled to two (2) representatives.) If your school has more than one Association Representative, a chairperson shall be designated by the school delegation (election). (For more detailed information see the attached Association Representative Responsibilities) Generally, the Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) Chair also serves as the Faculty Representative Chair.

Association Representative Role and Responsibilities

Representative Council Standing Rules

Faculty Advisory Council (FAC)

Elected by the faculty prior to September 15, the Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) is a contractually-mandated, school-based committee which serves to voice concerns of the general membership to the Principal, and acts, when needed, as an interface between rank-and-file members and the Principal to address issues of concern to the school community as a whole. (Regardless of the size of the work site, the FAC shall have an absolute minimum of five (5) members, at the rate of one for every ten (10) unit members or portion thereof). The role of the FAC is to relay the legitimate concerns of Unit 1 members and to offer solutions to problems as they arise in a reasoned & non-adversarial manner. Meetings take place at the building/site level (for more information see attached FAC Guidelines).