Elections are vital to the work of educators and have an impact on schools and students. As a progressive union, the teachers of PGCEA believe many factors impact the lives of the children we teach every day. We believe it is our responsibility to advocate for our schools and our profession by engaging in the political process. In doing so, we make a positive impact on our community and our schools.

Engaging in the political process helps ensure that elected officials will be accessible to us and give us every opportunity to present our perspective on the issues. Additionally, the recommendation process is designed to identify candidates who are authentically supportive of public education and educators. Thus, it is much more likely that they will vote to support education as a matter of personal values. If they are not knowledgeable on a certain issue, we will have access to educate them before the vote.

PGCEA Candidate Recommendation Process

PGCEA continuously works to ensure transparency in our candidate recommendation process. We have developed a clear set of criteria with indicators for our decision-making.

Candidate Interviews

PGCEA extends offers to candidates who file for election to participate in our recommendation process. We advertise our recommendation process in advance, so prospective candidates can know and understand our process. Interviews are conducted by rank and file teachers who use a uniform set of questions that all candidates answer.

Candidate Questionnaires

Candidates are sent a questionnaire in advance of an interview to express their views on issues significant to the work of educators. Completed questionnaires for all candidates are made available to committee members and PGCEA Board members before recommendations.

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