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The Negotiated Agreement will be a multi-year agreement that includes commitments on compensation improvements in each year of the contract.

February 6, 2019

Sensible Workload

  • Article 6.2, C. 2, a. (replacement language)Secondary Schools: Unit I members shall receive a continuous block of daily planning time equal to a full class period or 45 minutes, whichever is greater. Secondary planning time shall be scheduled during the student day.
  • Article 6.2, C. 2, b.Elementary Schools, Early Childhood Centers, and Special Education Centers:  Recommendations from the joint PGCEA/PGCPS Joint Elementary Planning Time Committee shall be considered as the basis for changes to provide more elementary planning during the workday.
  • Article 12, D, 8Recommendations from the joint PGCEA/PGCPS Joint Lesson Planning Work Group shall be considered as the basis for language to determine a comprehensive approach to lesson planning.
  • Article 23.11 Athletic Directors and Coaches (new language) A Full time, 11-month Athletic Director position will be added at all PGCPS comprehensive high schools or other schools with a full athletic program comparable to a comprehensive high school. Athletic Directors will be Unit I members.
  • Article 23.11 Athletic Directors and Coaches (new language)Athletic Directors and Unit I member coaches will be provided professional leave time necessary to meet the program requirements of the PGCPS athletic program.
  • Article 20.6 Special Educators (new language) – Special education teachers will be released from teaching and other duties at least one day per month to work on paperwork/IEP compliance. Substitutes shall be provided to cover any teaching or co-teaching assignments.
  • Article 22, G. 7. (new Language) – School Counselors shall be 11-month positions.


Less Testing and More Learning

  • New Testing Language (to be added to Article 20) – PGCPS will publish testing and survey calendar dates and windows of all state and local mandated tests and surveys, as well as required ELL testing, before the first-day teachers report to work. The published testing information will include the number of minutes required for each local/state test. This testing information will also be shared with parents through appropriate communication venues.
  • New Testing Language (to be added to Article 20) – PGCPS will document that the school system is in compliance with the More Learning, Less Testing Act of 2017. This information will be made public by December 31 of each school year.



Teacher Evaluation will provide productive and timely feedback and discussion between teacher and administrators that facilitates improved instruction and student performance. Evaluations will provide clear guidelines on areas of improvement that serve to guide teachers’ professional growth. Final observation ratings will be mutually agreed upon by the Unit I member and the evaluator, based on discussion and evidence, during the post-observation conference.

  • Article 9, New G– At least 75% of a teacher’s evaluation will be based on ratings of professional practice, no more than 25% of a teacher’s evaluation will be based on student growth.
  • Article 9, New H – Student Perception Surveys will not be used in teacher evaluations.
  • Article 9, New I– Unit 1 members’ evaluations will not include data based on the performance of students they do not teach.
  • Article 9, New J – High School teacher evaluations will not include SAT scores.
  • Article 9, New K – No teacher shall receive an ineffective rating on their SLOs without an opportunity to fix technical, data entry, or test item errors (such as in entering pre or post-test data). If necessary, such opportunities to fix errors shall expand past data entry deadlines.
  • Article 9, New L – Formal observations and evaluations of Unit I members shall only be done by administrators who have been certified in the PGCPS Evaluation System. Informal observations done by other Unit I members shall not be used in evaluations.
  • Article 9, M. (replacement language for current 9, G.) – The teacher evaluation system will be reviewed during the 2019-20 school year by a restructured joint PGCEA/PGCPS TPE Steering Committee. Changes recommended by the committee will be implemented in the 2020-21 school year. The committee will be restructured as follows:
    • PGCEA President or designee and PGCPS CEO or designee will serve as co-chairs.
    • There will be an equal number of voting members appointed by PGCEA and PGCPS.
    • Unit I members will be appointed by the President of PGCEA.
    • The Steering Committee will be tasked with ensuring that evaluation procedures are fair and appropriate for the level of instruction, the students whose growth will be measured, and the content area taught.
    • The committee will look for ways to simplify the evaluation system, make it more transparent, and reduce teacher workload related to evaluation.
    • The Committee will meet at least monthly beginning in September 2019.
    • The Committee will continue to meet to monitor implementation of changes and suggest further refinements to teacher evaluation, for the duration of the contract