Duties And Responsibilities

  1. Find a minimum of five (5) new members.
  2. Lobby in Annapolis in conjunction with State Legislature.
  3. Set up sessions with Board of Education members, members of Legislature, and County Council.
  4. Keep voting records of elected bodies.
  5. Serve as members of MSTA Legislative Contact Team.
  6. Work with Association Leadership in implementing strategies to pursue legislative agenda
  7. Organize rallies and other demonstrations as required to ensure funding of contract and passage of legislative agenda.

Join The PGCEA Government Relations (GR) Committee
“There are two things you never want to watch,” a famous wag once said. “How they make laws and how they make sausages. It’s almost one and the same!” PGCEA G.R. Committee members would disagree; they enjoy lobbying, raising teacher issues and communicating often with local, state and federal level elected officials. To join the committee and become an Association activist, plan to attend the monthly G.R. Committee meetings at PGCEA the first Monday of each month. New members are always welcome.