PGCEA has several standing committees to assist in performing the duties and actives required. These committees operate in accordance with the Association Bylaws.

The president of the association appoints the chairperson of each of these committees and provides them their goals and charges for the ensuing year.

If you would like to join a committee, please complete our Committee Interest Form.

Budget Committee:  The Budget Committee, in consultation with officers and staff, is responsible for preparing a PGCEA budget proposal for each fiscal year. Committee Chair: Donna Christy

Bylaws Committee: The Bylaws Committee is responsible for recommending revisions to the Bylaws for adoption by the Rep Council.

Community Partnerships & Schools Committee: Establish community partners and coordinate a united group to support the implementation of best school practices.

Early Career Educators Committee: Future Educators Committee recruits and serves the National Education Association (NEA) student members in Prince George’s County Colleges and Universities as well as introduce the Early Educators who are employed by the system to the benefits of being an active participant of the Association at all levels.

Government Relations & Political Action Committee: The Government Relations Committee focuses on lobbying the school board, county council and State legislature; interviewing, endorsing and supporting candidates; educating members about issues; and raising funds to be used for political goals of the profession and the Association.

Grievance Committee: This committee evaluates the merits of system-wide grievances and makes recommendations.

Membership Committee: The Membership Committee is responsible for establishing goals to recruit and maintain members in the Association.

Minority Affairs Committee:  The Minority Affairs Committee reviews and assesses Association goals, objectives, programs, and long-range plans to ensure that ethnic-minority concerns addressed.  The committee also coordinates scholarships with PGCEA Foundation.

New Teacher Engagement Committee: Committee geared to working with new teachers.

Nominations, Elections, and Credentials Commission:  The Nominations, Elections, and Credentials Commission is responsible for conducting all elections, certifying attendance at Rep Council, and ratification of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.  The Commission proposes the Standard Election Procedures for adoption by the Board of Directors. Committee Chair: Lenora Scott

Professional Development and Leadership Committee: The Professional Development and Leadership Committee addresses issues, provides for training, forum, and conferences that impact teaching and learning.  This committee also disseminates information on best practices, leadership models, and initiatives, as well as seeks public and political engagement for the improvement of public education.

Public Relations Committee The Public Relations Committee objectives are to develop and maintain positive external and internal public relations program for the Association that reflects Association Mission and values.

If you are interested in joining the Public Relations Committee, please click here to complete the form.

Restorative Practices & Social Justice Committee: Restorative Practice and Social Justice Committee will evaluate current school system policies on discipline and will train members on restorative practices.

Sick Leave Bank CommitteeThe Sick Leave Bank Committee is responsible for reviewing and approving Sick Leave Bank requests, recommending disability retirement, and recommending Sick Leave policy and rules changes.

Social Committee: The Social Committee promotes social activities to engage members in the association.

SPARKS Committee: The SPARKS Committee is a teacher leadership program.

Special Education: The Special Education Committee will be charged with reviewing and training current issues in Special Education and sharing best practices with membership.

Tuition Reimbursement Taskforce: The Tuition Reimbursement Taskforce is a group charged with giving recommendations and providing solutions to make the benefit more equitable, accessible and functional for our members.