What is Assault Leave:

PGCEA/Unit I Members “may be entitled to receive paid leave time for employees for an assault occurring within the scope of employment.  Employees of the Board of Education of Prince George’s County whose absence is due to a physical disability resulting from an unprovoked assault occurring within the scope of their employment, may be entitled to full pay status, instead of sick leave or Sick Leave Bank participation, provided they comply with all of the procedures cited hereafter.”


If you are assaulted while working by a student, parent, etc., you can apply for Assault Leave. In addition to contacting your principal or immediate supervisor immediately, please be certain to do the following:

  • File a Workers Compensation Claim by contacting the Injured Employee Hotline / 1-800-774-2447 prior to seeking medical attention (if possible). Be certain to obtain a Workers Comp Claim Number.
  • Seek medical attention within twenty-four (24) hours of the incident. Be certain to report it as a Workers Comp Injury and provide the Workers Comp Claim Number during intake.
  • Complete a Security Incident Report Form (available at your school).
  • Complete the Request for Assault Leave Form (available at your school). You have the option of stating “See Security Incident Report Form” in the fields that ask for duplicate information.
  • Ensure the initial report of injury or physician’s statement has been sent to Risk Management/Workers Compensation (this will be done when you provide the Workers Comp Claim number when seeking medical attention).

When complete, submit the forms to your school for processing. The Assault Leave Administrative Procedure has changed, and it is no longer required to contact a law enforcement agency and file a complaint or warrant against the accused. If you have questions after completing these steps, please feel free to contact PGCEA and ask for a UniServ Director, and someone will provide assistance.