Statement on Work To Rule

PGCEA is asking you to support our vote of no confidence in our school system structure. We have all seen the lack of accountability in the school system – including the most recent example of secret raises. We share the frustration of our members.
The Board of Directors voted to support a county-wide “Work to Rule” action from Monday, March 19th until the beginning of Spring Break.
Here are the guidelines for Work to Rule:
  • Members should walk in together at the beginning of the duty day and leave together at the end of the duty day (unless you have a paid assignment).
  • Adhere to the contract. Attend all required meetings, but nothing more.
  • If you have already committed to an activity verbally or by signing a contract, ask to be released from the duty. If you are not released, report to the activity.
  • If you perform a certain voluntary activity year after year, without a specific agreement, immediately inform the administration before the activity begins that you will not perform the activity for this year.
  • If an administrator directs you to perform an otherwise voluntary activity, perform the activity and immediately contact PGCEA.
  • Do not engage or involve students in a Work to Rule action. To involve students – even through a simple conversation in the hall or during class time – may be deemed disruptive to the work place and subject you to disciplinary action.
  • Finally, wear your PGCEA Blue on Monday, March 19th. Take pictures, tweet and post #PGCEAworktorule
PGCEA was created to support quality schools and to advocate for our members – to increase power through collective action. PGCEA does not support unprotected actions. An organized “sick out” is an unprotected activity that could have employee ramifications. Actions like working to rule, appearing at Board of Education meetings, contacting county and state lawmakers, and networking with community organizations are proven to make a difference. Change is best accomplished utilizing collective action through a recognized body, such as PGCEA. If you have any questions feel free to contact PGCEA office.
Make your voice heard.  Join us in Annapolis on Monday, March 19th for a “Rally to Fix the Fund & Fix the Structure” and on Tuesday, March 20th at the School Board Meeting.