Prince George’s County Educators’ Association Statement on Unauthorized Pay Raises

March 8, 2018 Press Conference coverage. 

“PGCPS teachers demand accountability for unauthorized pay raises”

Fox 5 DC
“Prince George’s County teachers upset over unauthorized raises in human resources department”

“Prince George’s County Teachers Union, School Board Members Protest ‘Unauthorized’ Raises”


The Prince George’s County Educators’ Association (PGCEA) was outraged to learn that School CEO Kevin Maxwell allegedly approved unauthorized pay raises for school system staff, as reported by WUSA 9. Members of the school board brought Maxwell’s actions to light, but the CEO does not report to the board. This is yet another example of the problems with the current leadership and the school board structure. There is no system of checks and balances, leaving schools, teachers, students and families with little recourse to address this or any other concern with school system leadership.

The CEO is appointed by the county executive, and ultimately the county executive should hold Maxwell accountable. But, the county executive is not addressing the issues, and our students are paying the price. Under the CEO’s leadership, hundreds of Prince George’s teachers have been placed on administrative leave disrupting learning, poor teacher working conditions, school maintenance issues are ignored and getting worse, and students continue to face overcrowded classrooms and school closings.

After this news broke on March 7, the School Board cancelled their meeting scheduled for 5 p.m. on March 8. It seems as though the board is hiding from the public, deepening our concerns about accountability and transparency.

For these reasons and more, the PGCEA Board of Directors and Representative Assembly recently voted no confidence in the current school board structure. There is a simple solution that could help bring accountability back our school system. PGCEA is calling upon the Maryland General Assembly to implement a fully elected school board for Prince George’s County Public Schools. “The structure is the issue! All stakeholders deserve to be heard and to hold school officials accountable,” said, President Theresa Dudley.

To support a fully elected school board, sign our petition. Together, we can give our students the schools they deserve.