PGCEA Board of Directors & Representative Assembly Vote of No Confidence in the Current School Board Structure

Standing Up for Quality Education: Fighting for the Schools Prince George’s County Students, Educators and Community Deserve

The current school board structure is a proven failure for the students, families, and educators of Prince George’s County and must be changed to ensure transparency, community accountability, and stakeholder input. Only with a democratically elected school board can Prince George’s County hope to foster the highest levels of student achievement and the best possible environments for teaching and learning.

PGCEA members have endured numerous and persistent issues with this administration which include, but not limited to:


• More than 600 educators placed on administrative leave in 2016-17 without due process and at the expense of stable student learning• A culture of bullying from administrators that impacts morale and achievement
• Lingering maintenance issues that leave our schools unhealthy and often unsafe• Issues of contractual planning time being honored and inconsistent lesson planning format.
• A cumbersome evaluation process tied to student achievement • Overcrowded classrooms & school closings
• Excessive testing & lack of materials, resources, and support for students and educators• Lack of adequate mental health support for students and
• Inconsistent policy enforcement• Lost Step Increases


None of these issues are being addressed.  The current Board of Education governance structure has left little to no recourse in addressing these issues. The CEO does not report to the Board of Education, making it impossible for the Board to supervise or hold him accountable.


The latest and most urgent matter is the placing of three DuVal school counselors on administrative leave in response to the systemwide grading audit, for doing what they were told by Central Office leadership.  With this incident, PGCEA educators and our allies—especially the students of Prince George’s County and their families—say enough is enough. It’s time for a responsive school board, one that is democratically elected and answers to the needs of our students, not a CEO.  Only two school districts in the State of Maryland has a CEO: Prince George’s County and Baltimore City. Both are majority black and brown districts. We believe this is systemic racism.


For these reasons the PGCEA Board of Directors and Representative Assembly held an emergency meeting and took a Vote of No Confidence in the current school board structure, that the County Executive is solely responsible for, which includes the CEO and School Board Leadership. Further calling upon the Maryland General Assembly to take immediate action to implement a fully elected school board for Prince George’s County Public Schools. Click here to view the No Confidence Press Release.


Now is the time to act. With parents and community, PGCEA will lead the way for our students. Click here to sign the petition.