PGCEA FAQ on Spring Break 2018

FAQ on Spring Break 2018


How did this happen?

The Governor of Maryland signed an executive order compressing the calendar which included starting after Labor Day and ending by June 15th. According to state law, students have to be in school 180 days. Due to the number of weather related closings at PGCPS, part of Spring Break is being used as make-up days.

What are the next steps?

PGCEA has reached out to the PGCPS administration for any further information:

  • The specific guidelines or exemption for members who have previously planned
  • The status of the waiver from the state for any or all of the days in

As of today, we have not officially received a response. If we do receive a response we will communicate it with all members.


Below is what we are informed was sent today, 3/27/2018 from PGCPS regarding

Leave Requests for Inclement Makeup Days

Reminder: Per the approved school calendar, employees are required to work April 4, 5, and 6 as makeup days due to the inclement weather closures this school year.

Below is the payroll process for requesting leave for the makeup days on April 4, 5, and 6.

The Oracle Leave Management system is now open for the employee to enter their leave. If employees fail to request leave for the makeup days or if the leave is denied by the leave-granting authority, the employee MUST be charged unpaid leave for the day(s) they fail to report to work.

Teachers should still use AESOP to request a substitute teacher for any leave days they request.

Employees will not be required to submit their leave request to the Chief of Human Resources for approval for any of the makeup days.

PGCEA is advising Unit I Employees to adhere to the above procedure in requesting Leave.

 What can I do?

Lastly, PGCEA understands that members are really frustrated about Spring Break. Many members have made plans to travel, spend time with family, rest and schedule much needed appointments. We think the appropriate person to hear the concerns of members is the person who decided to make this school year calendar change: Governor Hogan. He is responsible for the changes in the calendar year.

Please contact Governor Hogan:

·         Phone:



MD Relay 1-800-735-2258

·         Regular Mail

100 State Circle Annapolis, Maryland 21401-1925