Critical Conversation Town Hall on Social & Education Justice with Journey for Justice Alliance

A movement for strong public schools is growing right here in Prince George’s County and all across America.

On August 22, our whole community — teachers, parents, activists, and students came together for a Critical Conversation Town Hall Meeting about how we can strengthen public education.

We discussed:

  • How Social Justice =Restorative Justice & Sustainable Community Schools. The fight for truly equal public education was at the heart of the civil rights movement. The privatization of our schools threatens all the progress we’ve made. Come discuss a social justice agenda for today.
  • How to turn back the attack on our public schools. Trump Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has worked for years to destroy public education. Now Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan wants to give public money to private schools. We’ll plan how to fight back.


This Town Hall Meeting was a part of the national #WeChoose Campaign, which is fighting for Education Equity — not the illusion of “school choice” — in all of our schools.